Statues of Women

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Dottie May

Statues of Women

Janet Street-Porter was being interviewed on Radio Wales yesterday regarding the lack of statues of women in the UK (there were very few)compared to those of men. Suggestions were requested - any number - so I suggested the following, in no particular order:
Mary Quant
Laura Ashley
Delia Smith
The comment was made that these were very worthy suggestions. Who would be your suggestions?


Statues of Women

OK, here's my (not terribly serious) list:

The Queen
The Queen Mother
Dawn French
Joanna Lumley
Jennifer Saunders
Margaret Thatcher
Helen Mirren
Judy Dench
Shirley Bassey
Jo Brand
Shirley Williams
Claire Rayner
Fatima Whitbread
Janet Street-Porter
Margot Fonteyn
Kate Adie
Millicent Fawcett
The Pankhursts
JK Rowling
Anne Robinson
Vera Lynn
Helena Bonham-Carter

I could go on, but that should fill up a few plinths around the place :)


Statues of Women

Can't deny that there are next to none, but there is a good statue of Boudica next to the Houses of Parliament, and of Queen Victoria outside Buckingham Palace.

How about Elizabeth I, Jane Austin and Darcey Bussell?

sam from worthing

statues of women

christabel pankhurst has a bust statue near the houses of parliament too.

part of my history o level was a study on her - that i
choose to do.

there is also a statue of florence nightingale in london, westminster and also derby where she was from, another history project i did.

and there is/was a statue of maggie T but in the houses of parliament, but that got beheaded.

plenty of statues of queen vic.

but yes there are only really a handful that i can think of, am sure the UK has more notable and worthy women pioneers and than is propotionately (sp) represented.

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