Bank Holiday weekend

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Noreen, Board Moderator

Bank Holiday weekend

Coming up.... Who has plans, and what are they?

We will be up in Norfolk with family coming to stay from Cardiff. Cooking will be minimal if the weather is hot, cold meats and salads for lunch in the garden if we are lucky. All coming back to London on Sunday, long/late lunch in one of our favourite Italian restaurants, then they will go back on the train on Monday morning.


BH weekend

I have spent the last 15 August BHs in the same place - at a village show just west of Dartmouth. I steward the photography classes and we all enter lots of craft and cookery classes. It is exhausting but so much fun. A big gang of us have been going for years and now we all have little ones it is a whole new dimension - watching the tinies in the sack and egg & spoon races is fabulous fun. Two of the most hotly contested classes are the men's only cake and flower arranging!


Bank Holiday

A 4yr. old birthday party tomorrow - jelly in your hair anyone ?

Saturday,retail therapy followed by long lazy lunch at our favourite pub at the foot of the Downs.

Sunday,the Chilli Fiesta at West Dean. If at home we always go - love it.

Monday, family and friends for brunch. I say brunch but from experience this will end up messy !

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