Noreen - what a little treasure you are.

Welcome to our Coffee Break forum! Here you can chat to other members, not just about cooking, food, ingredients and recipes, but anything that takes your fancy. Share your stories, culinary or otherwise. So. What’s on your mind today?


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sam from worthing

Noreen - what a little treasure you are.

The "Say Hello Here" thread - has been amazing.

So many from old posters to old but wained and total newbies have been inspired to post a little bit about themselves.

The lady who has a gluten issue in her family sounds very interesting - with her making and sellign of bits and pieces - some recipes would be lovely to share.

I knwo this is a global site - but it makes us all feel more like next door neighbours without too much info being put out there - now if only people would make sure they added some key info on their profiles as it would help when offering advice about products/ingredients.

wonderful site this is.


We love Noreen!

Yeah, have to agree with you, Sam, Noreen is a treasure :) Are we going to do another Brighton meet the week of July 24th - Aug 1st? I still have (unposted) pics of parts of Noreen from the last one...

sam from worthing


i think i am pretty sure i could meet with you again - no drinkie poos for me though - as i will have to drive and park up now as i am further out now. and weirdly went past yours and james' cheese shop last week on way home from MIL - never noticed it before but was stuck in traffic jam right outside - and i immediately thought of you 2. funny how your brighton retun co-incides with lakeland opening around then lol.



Knorr is a total love, and a good mate to me, I love meeting up with her in our fave place for vino (She had coffee last time - FRAUD!!!)

DarkGinger, I will try to make it, I might be able to come to Brighton, or you might need to hop on a train to London, but I'll def see you again when you are over. We'll let the usual ladies also know of our plans so they have the chance to join us.

Oh, I miss that cheese shop! I'm going to Brighton in July anyway, and a friend and I are DEF going back.....


Gravy Queen 1

We love Nor

Yeah we do love our Nor, she's the best mod on the planet.

Noreen, Board Moderator


Well, thank you very much! I am glad you are all enjoying reading the stories as much as we are. It has been brilliant seeing some new faces.

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