Raspberry vodka

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Noreen, Board Moderator

Raspberry vodka

My neighbour was making this at the weekend...

1 pint of vodka
Half pound caster sugar
1lb raspberries

Put all the ingredients in a kilner jar and shake once a day from one month.

Shake once every other day for the next month, then leave for one month.

When the time is up, strain through a sieve and drink!

I told her I can't wait for September!

Dottie May

Raspberry Vodka

To eat the raspberries or drink the vodka - or both???!!


Raspberry vodka

I've done this with Gin Knorr - absolutely lovely neat or as a long drink with tonic.

sam from worthing

flavoured vodka

with balckberries also - delicious.


flavoured vodka/gin

make this every year with damsons.

Grannie Cool


I made a similar recipe with raspberrys but used Brandy (not the best obviously). It was delicous, the difficult part was not tasting it to see how it was getting on !!!

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