Now where did I put that child...?

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Noreen, Board Moderator

Now where did I put that child...?

I am sure there use be some stories from our members about leaving their children behind. Care to share?


re Now where did I put that child...?

No experience, Noreen, but my neighbour was the youngest of 3 boys, ages 10, 8 and 5. Their father took them out for the day and forgot about the youngest one. His wife was mega-furious and never let him take them out again. Eventually the 5-year-old turned up at home after wandering along the beach and the town until making his way home some hours later. It was over 55 years ago and people didn't then ring the police as readily as now.

Essex Girl


When my daughter was about three and we were living in Oman I forgot to meet her from the playschool bus. She was delivered home by her best friend's mother who knew I'd had a doctor's appointment earlier and thought I might have been pre-occupied with that! The fact is I simply didn't realise what the time was but never forgot after that!


Now where did I put that child...?

Took my three (twins aged two and a half and son aged four) to a big shopping mall in Leeds, thirty years ago. Bent down to fasten son's shoe lace then realised one small daughter was missing! How do you rush around with two little ones? Plonked them in a nearby kiddy zone with lego & ordered them NOT to move till I got back. As if you'd do that nowadays! I dashed back from whence we'd come & there she was strolling out of a shoe shop! Phew - and she's still got a shoe fetish.


Now where......?

Arrived home, unpacked shopping, kettle on as you do. Dog had been behaving oddly since we left Boots he then disappeared and returned with a cuddly toy.
Oh sh*t ! Son, all of 6 days old , was parked outside Boots. Still fast asleep once I got there but rather scary I remembered the dog yet forgot the baby !

Sue G

Where did i put that child

I left my two at the checkout at the supermarket just after we returned home from adopting them.

I was so buy re filling the trolly with all the food & clothes i just paid the woman and walked away.
Only after i put the shopping in the boot did i realise they hadn't followed me.
Found them still standing at the check chatting away to some more woman who couldn't understand a word they said.

Went straight home and wrote their names and phone numbers in their coats until they learn't french and could ask for help if ever needed.
Luckily they could never tell on me due to only speaking spanish.

Sue G

Leaving the baby outside the shops

can you imagine what would happen these days if someone left a baby outside the shops while they were shopping these days.

Never mind the little one being taken, you would have the police/social workers the whole lot on your door step.

Was it really such a safer world 30 /40 years ok

Esther R

Now where did I put that child?

I remember when I was about 22 and was in a car park. Some people put the carry cot with baby in it on the roof of their car whilst they loaded other stuff into the car. They then got in the car and started the engine. They were alerted by other people but it would have been awful if no-one else had been about. I am sure they have never forgotten the incident!

Gravy Queen 1


No have never left my own children behind anywhere. Scary that the Prime Minister and his wife managed to leave a child behind and what on earth were their security doing? Durr.


Where did I put that child?

Not me but in the 1950's my Auntie Ann said to Mum "can I leave Nigel in his pram with you on Monday am ? " yes " . Monday came and went Auntie Ann phoned Mum "thanks for looking after Nigel was he good ? " Mum had been out all day and forgot Nigel sat asleep in his pram all morning !!!!!She just said he was fine .
As you say can't do that today .

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