Kitchen equipment

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Nikki @ Delia Online

Kitchen equipment

Sorting out the kitchen cupboards this weekend got me thinking - with all the new gadgets and time-saving kitchen equipment around now what's the one piece of equipment you hold on to year after year and just can't do without in your day-to-day cooking?


kitchen equipment

Well, have thought about this and the one thing I actually would not want to do without ever is non stick saucepans. I obviously use lots of things on a regular basis including wooden spoons, a sharp knife and a chopping board, and I use my mixer most days but non stick pans are a must, but if it is electrical equipment then it has to be my mixer.

sam from worthing

Kitchen Equipment

My replace in a heartbeat, would be my microplaner and my wooden spoon. And my ancient keenwood mixing thingy hand held whisker for cakes and egg whites etc.


Only one item!!

I really like my Kenwood Chef, it is so versatile.
If I could choose something else it would be my veg peeler.


Kitchen equipment

I wouldn't be without my Kenwood Chef (still the one I had when I got married 40 years ago). But the other more recent purchase (thanks for Delia's recommendation) is the Kenwood mini chopper... it is used most days and I would certainly replace it in a flash. I also like (this is beginning to sound like a Kenwood advert, pure coincidence) is my Kenwood slicer that I find invaluable for slicing bread and cold meat joints for buffets.

Queen of Puds

Kitchen gadgets

Didn't we have another thread about this on equipment?

I'd rescue my Magimix. Then the kids. Then maybe OH.


kitchen equipment

My silicone spatula is probably my most used item.

There are so many other things I would not want to be without......

Y peeler
KC mini chopper
Stick blender
One decent knife
non stick pan
my favourite teaspoon - sad I know, but I really do like one more than all the rest for eating my breakfast!!


Kitchen Equipment.

I'd replace my Kenwood Chef in a second if it failed. I have a really nice stainless steel one.

Mums lasted about 29 years.


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