Aunty D on TV again

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sam from worthing

Aunty D on TV again

ooh it was lovely seeing delia grace our tv screens last night again, long over due, not seen her for ages - all be it, it was in an advert for Waitrose with her yummy looking Aspargus and "light" hollandaise sauce recipe - but it was so lovely to see her - and she does look GOOD.

I wonder if Delia and Heston Blewmytopoff where watching my thread about british aspargus to make that advert, lol.

Top Conker

Aunty D on TV again

And as always the recipe works.
We love this sauce.

Hope you are well Sam.


Delia on TV.

Is the Ad not just a repeat from last year? They used the same recipe to launch the asparagus season last year. I watched it here on DOL.



Aunty D

Haven't tried the light version of the hollandaise sauce yet. But our asparagus is now coming up fast and furious and so will definitely be having it with salmon as soon as I get some creme fraiche.

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