Today's vegetarian menu

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Tricia C

Today's vegetarian menu

This looks lovely..but the starter has bacon in it!

sam from worthing

todays veggie menu...

does look lovely.

one of my meat free meals this week - is gonna be a bean chilli con carne - but....

..... i made some really lovely sausages yesterday and have 2 left over - the leftovers (as they are in a chilli sauce) will be chopped up and added to me beany chilli lol.

but as its only 2 sausages - its almost a veggie/meat free dinner - so in my OH eyes it still counts. lol.


today's veggie menu

I had noticed the starter has bacon in it .
I am trying to eat more meat free meals , am going to do a veggie sausage casserole later this week and i bought some quorn mince to do a chilli so will give that a go.

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