rack of lamb - help please

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rack of lamb - help please

Am cooking rack of lamb next week for nine people and have never cooked it before. My recipe seems pretty foolproof and i've been told it is straightforward (although doing it for 9 is a lot) Has anyone got any tips for getting it just right? I have people that will want it pink and others well done and I am working on the premis that the end cutlets will cook more quickly than the middle ones - is that right?

Any help much appreciated.


Rack of lamb

It is a doddle - promise.

You are right re. outer chops being more well done of course ! I either cut the racks so larger ones remain pink and cook at the same time or simply remove one at pink stage and let the other(s) cook on for 10 mins. or so.

Have a super evening !


rack of lamb

Can't offer any advice Pan as it's something I'm scared of cooking as well (although I do love it). Let us know how you get on please.

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