Food from far away lands

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violet eyes

Food from far away lands

It is interesting reading the topic on asparagus.It seems that most of us would only buy it if it's grown in the UK. Does this apply to other fruit, veg and salad stuff. I know we have to import bananas,oranges etc but does where it comes from stop you from buying it?
I would never buy asparagus or strawberries unless they were grown in the UK. I have often put stuff back when reading where it's come from. I prefer home grown as in grown in the UK because it taste better.

Sue G

Food from far away lands

Hi Violet eyes,

In France you don't have much option most of the fruit & veg are either grown in France or the French Island.

You do get limes from Brazil or Mexico and around christmas time they do bring in different fruits from other countries.

When i lived in the UK, i will admit i never looked at the country of where the fruit and veg came from.


Food from far away lands

I buy local food when possible, food from elsewhere in Ireland as second option, and try hard not to buy food we can grow here if it comes from other countries.

I think it's partly about eating seasonally - I mean, I *could* eat strawberries at Christmas, but why would I want to? There's an excitement about waiting for the first asparagus of the season, the first new potatoes, the first Brussels sprouts in the winter and so on. Eating seasonally adds variety to your diet throughout the year, too, which makes cooking and eating more interesting.

On the other hand, I like cooking recipes from other cultures - Indian, Chinese etc. and some ingredients have to be imported - so when there's no local option, I'm OK with buying from abroad.


Food from far....

I do buy fruit and veg. which is imported - don't we all ?! Can't count the number of meals over the years when a lemon has come to the rescue !

That said, I do mainly shop with the Seasons. We have wonderful produce in the UK even if it means waiting a while to taste it. I would never buy soft fruit from abroad - awful stuff, don't buy fresh toms. in the Winter, leaves I grow on a windowsill which keep us going through the cold months.



I try to buy locally produced food but it's not always possible and it depends on quality and price for me. I bought some French potatoes as they looked better than the local Italian ones and they cooked better too. Sometimes it's cheaper to buy food that has come from France rather than local food.

Wendy :)

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