Up and coming young cooks

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Up and coming young cooks

I'm finding it refreshing that their are a few new cooks/chefs on the TV. I like Lorraine Pascale and lately Rachel Khoo's 'Little Paris Kitchen'. So much so I just had to get their books!! also, (not that I'm usually a fan of 'celebrity' cooking) I did get Lisa Faulkner's 'Recipes from my mother for my daughter', she won masterchef and I thought she was very good at the time. I know a lot of recipes are from old and just tweaked a bit...but i don't care lol, but their are a lot of fresh recipes too.....foodie.


Some are great

Some of the cookery programmes are great , but others leave me cold.
I like any that are sensible, & informative, but some on the Sky channels are not for me.
When I see the size of the portions for one person , or someone trying to eat a burger that would feed three people I switch off.
Some use such a huge quantity of butter in just one recipe that I loose interest.
I love to watch Ina, Rachel Allen , Lorainne Pascal , but Nigella is not for me.

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