Do you plan your weekly menu?

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Do you plan your weekly menu?

I try and scribble out the weeks menu, its rather relaxing finding the time to get out the cook books and browse through deciding..I like to do a few new recipes every week, not stick to the same thing all the time. What do you do?

Essex Girl

Planning Meals

I'm very much a last-minute person. I would love to plan my meals a week ahead but that would be far too organised for me.

Sue G

Weekly menu

I plan for the next day, but never for a whole week.
I do ask hubby what he would like to eat the next day, and it is always the same answer, 'what ever you want'. Never ask the kids, they are really good, eat everything that is put in front of them.

Country Girl at Heart

Yes, try to

I do it as part of my weekly shopping list, so I know what to get, what can be kept fresh and what gets frozen. I cant stand waste you see. Also I try and incorporate one new dish per week.

Gravy Queen 1

Weekly Menu planning

Yes definitely, I've always planned it. I do the old favourites but I always try to incorporate something new and use seasonal produce too.

I find my books and mags and this website so helpful. On here we might just be having a chat and something will give me an idea.

I subscribe to food magazines and there is always something I want to try from them.

A typical example of my menu planning last week included Delia's Spinach and Ricotta lasagne (cos we love it), Buttermilk Fried Chicken from Olive magazine, and Macaroons from Galton's Summertime book (experimenting). All very successful if I do say so myself!

By planning ahead I then can buy just what I need to and try my best not to waste things.


Do you plan your weekly menu?

I used to, well sort of, when there were five of us and things were hectic but now that we're retired and the kids have gone, life is more unpredictable. If the sun shines we might go off for the day and eat out, or garden all day long then take something quick out of the freezer or have a stir fry with whatever's in the fridge. I try to keep the fridge and both freezers stocked with useful stuff for any eventuality. Interesting to read what the rest of you do!


Do you plan your weekly menu?

I don't so much plan it as plot it - how to get at least 2 nights of curry in there?

I usually have a vague idea of what I want to cook in any given week - and that depends on what's aging in the freezer. I'm hopeless at remembering to take things out in time for them to defrost (and am convinced that the microwave toughens meat when used to defrost it).

This week, for example, I know we're having steak and kidney pie today, and I'll be getting a pack of chicken thighs out of the freezer later for tomorrow, which probably means paella or risotto tomorrow night, although - depending on husband's reaction to the suggestion - it could be a curry. Wednesday will be something involving chilli and garlic flavoured tortillas (already defrosted), Thursday will be a curry... the rest is yet to be determined, and any of the above could change, depending on what life throws at us :)

violet eyes

weekly menu

Years ago when I only had £10 a week to spend on everything, I did, if I hadn't we wouldn't have eaten so well. I still have my diary from all those years ago and all I seemed to do was cook/bake. In those days I shopped at the butchers, baker and the green grocer where as now it's all bought in the supermarket.
It must be nice to be able to think ahead of what to cook but "what to cook today " is my problem and the OH is not helpful when asked the question "what do you want for dinner?" so he gets what he's given.
Tonight I am cooking turkey meatballs in a coconut broth. I hope he eats it, he's not keen on meat.

Liz from Cumbria

Sort of.....

in that I jot down ideas for the week but I'm quite likely to change my mind and decide I fancy something that I don't have the ingredients for so will have to shop for them. Or I'll use the chicken (say) for something entirely different than what I had originally planned, usually as a result of trawling about on this site or perusing my cookbooks/good food mag. Most weeks I like to try at least one new dish but there are some weeks I totally lose my mojo and totally lack inspiration - even when it's staring me in the face!


Do you plan your weekly menu?

I like to plan some big meat and fish meals as they're a good reason to make the trip to the butcher and the fishmonger instead of being lazy and relying on the supermarket. So some days planned, I suppose.

Expat Badger

Do you plan?

I do plan a few dishes (say 5 for the week) and then shop accordingly, but i don't have a set day for each meal...i move them around as i see fit, or on how well i remember to get meat from freezer - like others on here it seems!

i also have a few old favourites that get wheeled out, and try new things too

tonigtht i am planning my first ever proper risotto...hope it goes well!



I shop just once a week so I have a good idea of what we will be having.
Hubby never helps with ideas , so I must decide what we have.
I try to do a totally different meal once a week , something that is slightly out of our regular range of food.
Corned beef hash this evening , not something we have very often.

sam from worthing

do you plan weekly menu

well, prior to moving - yes i did - every week.

on a saturday morning while still in bed with a cuppa - i would ask OH if there was anything he fancied the next week for dinner - I would normally get 3 requests, or i would grab a couple of cook books at least one would be a delia and maybe a couple of good food mags too - and we would go through and see what took our fancy. so that i had a good 5 dinners - then i would write my shopping list accordingly, most of the meals i make - i make for the full recipe, usually feeding 4 - so i do tend to pick dishes that i know can then be halved and one half frozen - for a ready meal, for example - last week i brought a whole leg of lamb - for 2 of us - far too much - but it did us that day - and i managed to portion out enough meat and gravy to make 2 mid week roast dinner meats in gravy for the freezer, so 6 meals out of one leg - and the dog has 2 bits of bones (both in the freezer).

Now I am pretty much settled in new home and i have done a freezer re-stock, I shall be back to writing lists and menu planning and getting on an even keel again - i have so missed my cook ups.

Oh and I am really doing well with going one veggie meal a week (only done 2 weeks) but its worked so far.

Spinach Rocotta lasagana, my fish pie and a mixed veggie pie served with a mustard mash.


Do you plan your weekly menu?

Like many on here it would seem, I sit down before I go for the big shop each week and plan out meals for each evening. But as the week progresses, things often change!


Meal Planning

I don't meal plan -but think I should !!!!. At least 2 nights a week we don't eat till 9pm and I like to have something that is ready when I get home as hubby useless in kitchen .
Like others I do like to try new recipes at least once a week .

When I get back from my trip away next week I will try and make meal planning a project .

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