Christmas Cake Problem

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Christmas Cake Problem

About 2 years ago I put a mixture of fruit to soak with a view to making a traditional West Indian Christmas cake, and have not had the opportunity to use it!

Now that I do, I cannot remember how much fruit I put in or how much alcohol.

So I now do not know how much fruit to weigh as it will have absorbed the alcohol and be a lot heavier!

The recipe calls for 6lbs 4ozs dried fruit, 1 lb of flour, 8 eggs, 1 lb sugar.

Can any one please give me an idea of how much fruit I should weigh out?


Cake problem

Hi did you get an answer as to how much fruit to weigh out that has been soaked in rum?. As I have the same problem thanks so much Rebecca

Queen of Puds

Boozy fruit

Can't you find the original recipe & see how much fruit you used? Failing that, there are lots of versions if you google it - you will find a match perhaps?

Or can you remember roughly what the volume of booze looked like to give you its equivalent weight (cup, mug, jug full etc?) The ml of liquid is the same as grammes, if that helps.

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