caramelised carrot chutney

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caramelised carrot chutney

M&S do a sandwich with this chutney and it is delicious. Does anyone know a recipe for it.


Carrot chutney

We had a similar thread here two or three years ago and no one was able to come up with the definitive recipe. As you'll know if you've Googled, there are various carrot chutney recipes out there and there's a jam & preserves lady in East Yorkshire (Driffield, I think) who has won an award for her version of the M&S one. The ingredients listed on the jar are "Carrots, vinegar, sugar, raisins, cornflour, cracked pepper, ginger, cinnamon". Just play around with quantities and invent one you like. I add apples as I usually have a glut of them. Best of luck!



1Lb of carrots,
1 Large onion very finely chopped.
Small cooking apple very finely chopped
3/4 lb dark brown sugar,
1/2 pt red wine vinegar.
6 ozs of raisins, or sultanas.
1 large Tsp of allspice.
Pinch of cinnamon ,
Pinch of nutmeg
1 Tsp treacle.
1 Tsp salt.

I grate the carrots , & steam them until they are soft.Allow the carrots to drain.
Put all the ingredients with the exception of the raisins in a pan , cook over a very low heat until the sugar is dissolved.
This is usually a slow chutney to cook as I tend to use a very low heat , so low you can just see the bubles.
Add the raisins for the last 10 mins of cooking .
I have no idea what M&S chutney is like , so this may not be like theirs, but it tastes delicious, & keeps well.


Carrot Chutney

I have recently made carrot chutney from 2 different recipes. Your one is the one I like. Can you tell me if you leave the lid off the pot when cooking the ingredients slowly and also does the chutney need to be stored for up to 3 months before eating.



Always cook with the lid off.
I prefer to leave chutney to mature, some loose the sharp vinegar taste after a few weeks , some do take 3 months.


Carrot Chutney

Funnily enough, I was looking for a version of the M&S carrot chutney when I came across this blog - so I am delighted to tell you I found an amazing recipe that I totally recommend - Sophie Grigson's; It is absolutely delicious! The only thing I'd add is that I simmered it for much longer than the recommended 45 minutes, to get a really sticky, jammy texture, and to mellow the vinegar flavour. Well worth the effort, and getting rave reviews from everyone I give it to!

Clive Stevens


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