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I had an old Delia paperback that had a recipe for "Mrs Simpson's Cheesecake".

I no longer have that book, nor can I find it on Amazon!

Can anyone post the recipe as it is the best cheesecake I have found (and that includes much Googling and experimentation).

Many thanks,



David, is this something like what you are looking for?



I remember the book and I probably still have in somewhere and wish I could find it too as there was a cheese cake recipe I loved which included using lemons ground almonds and whisked egg whites.
BUT I do and still use the basic Mrs Simpsons cheese cake
prepare the biscuit base.

1 and a half pounds of curd cheese
8oz of castor sugar
3 med eggs
1 tsp vanilla ess

mix cheese, sugar and eggs together till smooth
add the vanilla

pour into baking tin over the biscuit base

cook for 30 mins at gas 4
leave in oven to cool
chill overnight

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