Soggy Fruit Cake

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Soggy Fruit Cake

Can anyone help please? About 5 weeks ago I made 3 fruit cakes - 12", 10" and 8" and they seem soggy on the bottom with a damp stain in places.I kept them in quite a cold place to store. Cutting into the 8" which seems the worse it is quite sticky and crumbly and won't cut straight! I used a little over half pint of sherry/brandy to soak the fruit for the two larger cakes over 3 days and then cooked respectively for 4 3/4 hours and 5 1/2 hours on 150 degrees. The 8" cake had less alcohol.They are for a friend's wedding and I know she won't mind too much having a soggy/sticky cake because it still tastes good. I would really apreciate any help please. But I need to do another cake very quickly for someone who has just asked for the New Year. Any suggestions on making this one would be really helpful too. Thankyou. Becky


Fruit cake

The cake will taste lovely, but it is usual to add the alcohol to the cooked cake. Turn it upside down and the alcohol will sink in easier.
I don't know your recipe, but half a pint seems a lot; usually its tablespoons, I think. The cake will taste fantastic!! Hic.


Not to worry

The cakes need to mature first. Usually a fruit cake is crumbly in texture if it is still fresh. That is why I make my fruit cakes 3 months beforehand. The ingredients really combine nicely together to give a tight texture ideal for cutting.

Whatever your texture, I am sure that they taste great.

I always use Delia's recipe with slight amendments and it always comes up trumps.


Help soggy fruitcake bottom

my fruitcake skewer?knife comes out clean and cake seems cooked all over but when i take greasproof paper off the bottom cake appears to be far too moist, has anyone any ideas how to rectify this, could i turn cake over in tin and cook bottom for longer, and if ileft it would it be ok to eat after 4 months. I have followed recipe to the letter and oven temp is correct so is it to do with the greaseproof paper or is it normal that it should be that moist


christmas cake is too moist

i baked it a few weeks ago,it seems too moist.i have'fed' it a couple of times,and it's been wrapped in foil.can i now bake it for a while longer to dry it out a bit? eve burrows.


Soggy fruit cake

I am not sure why there is this obsession to put more liquid in an already moist cake.
I would not advise you to put it back in the oven.
You can unwrap the cake and leave it base up to dry it out a bit, but I have a family who are not happy with a dry cake, and actually like it moist. Though I accept it is a matter of degree.
Presumably the outside of the cake is OK. If so, cut out the soggy middle and have an alternatively shaped cake.
If it really is unacceptable, you can cut it into slices and fry them in butter and serve with cream or custard. Or use slices to make a variation of bread and butter pudding.
Or maybe if it is very moist fill a bowl with cake and boil it like a Christmas Pudding for a few hours.
Or invite my family round to come and eat it!

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