Can't get Delia's Apple Pie Right

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Can't get Delia's Apple Pie Right

Can’t get Delia’s Traditional Apple Pie right and the problem lies in the rolling!

To begin with I’m using Delia’s Apple Pie recipe, and I’m using her 20x2 cm pie tin.

As I said my problem lies with the rolling. Using the 175g of flour stated but with the butter and lard I do deviate. I normally make this apple pie for a friend who is lactose intolerant, therefore, no butter! Instead I use 40g lard and 40g of Hard Margarine (In my case Stork block)

No matter how often I’ve tried to roll the pastry, for the bottom part of the pie in particular ie the 26cm bit, the pastry is so thin that I have the devil of a job setting it into the tin without it breaking somewhere. Also it always seems to stick to the bottom of the pie tin even though I’m greasing the tin and using Delia’s liners. I also grease the top part of the liner (I use spray). Needless to say the top portion is also very thin but it does firm up with the heat in the oven, and yes I do use a pre-heated oven.

Now I don’t know if this is due to the fact that I’m using Marg/Lard rather than Butter/Lard or whether it is just down to my technique. That said I would appreciate some advice on rolling pastry, also how thick it should be.

I’d also appreciate your views on what is the best fat to use when making pies for those who, like my friend, are lactose intolerant and can’t take milk products. Of course feel free to add in any bits of advice or tips you’ve found useful.

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Apple pie

Personally I would increase the amount of pastry and if you have more to work with you wouldn't need to roll it so thin to fit the tin. I make my pastry with butter and lard as it gives a nice flavour. I don't grease the tin, mine comes out ok, sorry can't help with your other problem but someone else will.

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