Lemon curd

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Lemon curd

Hello - I made some lemon curd, and whilst the flavour is lovely, it is very grainy. Any hints as to what I have done wrong? Thanks.


Lemon curd

I made two lots of lime curd in the microwave a few weeks ago. The second lot I pinged once too many times and it was grainy.

I would suggest you have over-heated yours, whatever method you used, as I did, and you have coagulated or over-cooked the egg white.

Queen of Puds

Lemon curd

I agree - it could also be that it needed more whisking during cooking or that the egg white hadn't been broken up enough. You might be able to improve the look of it by fishing the lumps out, or by sieving it carefully - but be prepared to lose some of the volume if you do, & don't be tempted to use a spoon to force all the curd through the sieve or it will just break up the white lumps further & won't be any better.


Lemon Curd

I find this recipe very reliable and very good. Her method works well.

Bramble's Lemon Curd

Is so sharp it makes your teeth curl - absolutely yummy!

This is a sharp one, you can put more sugar in if you like it sweeter. It is lovely with ice cream, sponge sandwich or straight out of the jar with a spoon!


7 or 8 lemons = 12 fld oz juice
8 oz butter
16 oz sugar
8 eggs (if you have any egg yolks spare put them in and reduce the number of whole eggs 2 yolks = 1 egg)

*** put 6/7 small glass jamjars & lids in a warm oven ***

1. In a big glass bowl stir the sugar into the lemon juice.

2. Cut the butter into chunks and stir it in.

3. Sieve the eggs into the mix, stirring through the sieve with a plastic spoon.

4. Discard the yukky bits of egg.

5. Microwave for one minute, stir, and keep doing this a minute at a time. The curd will start to set around the edges of the bowl, keep doing one-minute bursts until the curd has thickened and looks a bit glossy.

6. Ladle into the warm jars and put lids on. It will not look very set, but when cold it will be a lot firmer.

7. Keeps in the fridge.

H x

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