Sugar overload!

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Sugar overload!

I love Delia's American Brownies recipe - I've never tasted any other brownie that can touch it - but I need to watch my sugar intake and Delia's recipe uses a whopping 8oz sugar with 2oz dark chocolate, 4oz butter, 2 eggs, 2 oz plain flour, half tsp each of baking powder and salt and 4oz nuts. Has anyone tried reducing the amount of sugar - say by a third or even a bit more? I am not very knowledgeable about the science of baking and wonder if a drastic reduction in sugar would lead to a total failure.

Lindsey, Food Editor

Delia's Brownies

Hello grmb,

They are high in sugar but I see you are following an earlier version of this recipe and not the latest one from Delia’s Cakes and here on line, which you might like to try.

I hope, one day, to try these myself using Xylitol (Total Sweet) to substitute the sugar and it is said that it is natural, can be used in exactly the same way as sugar and contains 40% less calories and 75% less carbs.

Best wishes



Sugar overload!

I always think of brownies as rich and high in sugar and fat - that's what they are!!

Maybe try a different type of slice if you want to cut down the sugars!!

Toad in the Hole

For grmb

Last weekend I ran out of the right quantity of sugar - I was sure I had more in the cupboard but no! I was following the new Brownie recipe Lindsey mentions.
From memory I think I had about 210g instead of 275g and they were lovely. I did serve them with ice cream - so of course that would have added a little sweetness too. Worth a try.

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