Pestle + Mortar...

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Blondie Bill

Pestle + Mortar...

I have recently purchased a granite Pestle + Mortar and wondering how to clean it. I have read different things, that you should not put it in water, you should not use soap etc. Can anyone please advise me.



Queen of Puds

Pestle & mortar

I wash mine. It's also granite & nobody said I couldn't !?!

Queazy Soporifix

pestle and mortar

I wash mine too and I have had it for over a decade. It looks just the same as new.


Pestle and Mortar

Um........................... mine goes in the dishwasher!


Pestle + Mortar

I have one (like Jamie Olivers) and as I only use it for spices I just wipe it out, don't immerse it in the water, but I do wash the Pestle.

Au Contraire !!!

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