Tapas Evening

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Tapas Evening

I am having a tapas evening on Saturday for 8 people.

I have slowly been working my way through a tapas recipe book and have decided on the following:

Leg of lamb
Beer braised ribs
Cod in cider
Chicken skewers
Prawns with garlic
Bread with garlic and tomato
Chorizo with cider
Ham croquettes
Spanish omelette
roasted red peppers
Vegetable rice
Pear sorbet with pecorino chips
Blackberry cheesecake

Does the above look ok from a balance point of view, do you think I need to add anymore dishes, one of my guests is vegetarian

Thank you

Queen of Puds


And patatas bravas or whatever they're called?

Dottie May

Tapas Evening

How about a few varieties of Olives - oh and how about some jugs of Sangria. Looks as if it is going to be a great evening.

Essex Girl


All sounds very nice to me, Amanda. Could that be for nine please?


Tapas Evening

Spanish Flan, a bit like our cream caramel.A bean dish for the to give the vegetarian a bit more variety. It might be an idea to check that any cheese you use is suitable for vegetarians.

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