Bought custard!!

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Bought custard!!

For the first time ever I have bought Waitrose Madagscan custard for a trifle, rather than make my own, due to lack of time!! Thing is I think it is too thin, well I know it is. Best way to thicken it is......?? Or should I just make some and hope it cools in time? Your view/experiences would be much appreciated. Thanks, Annie

Lindsey, Food Editor

Trile Custard

Hello Annie,

As most bought custards are made to pour, most of them won’t thicken.

Delia usually mixes bought custard with mascarpone to thicken it, as in this recipe.

Or if you don’t have mascarpone you could mix the custard into thickly whipped double cream.

Best wishes



Waitrose custard

Hi Annie,

I used the Waitrose custard you mentioned mixed with mascarpone for the Summer Trifle with Raspberries and Raspberry puree. It made a lovely topping.

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