Straw Poll on Fennel

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Straw Poll on Fennel

Hi All

I like you?

I have found a recipe for a pork loin stuffed with fennel which I like the sound of. I've ordered a nice piece of pork from Greg the butcher which he is going to slice and flatten out for me so I can stuff it...don't know the technical term?! is it Butterflys.

Having a wimp moment and thinking maybe traditional apple based stuffing is better? I am cooking it on Tuesday.

Also one other says tie up with 'butchers twine' it maybe an american recipe?! What the Heck is butchers twine? I have some white cotton string is that the same? as you may have guessed, never done this before! : )



I love fennel but not everyone does. While I agree that it goes very well with pork I feel a more traditional stffing might please more people and perhaps serve a dish of fennel au gratin on the side. I did the same pork roast on Christmas day and used an apple, apricot and pistachio stuffing with lots of sage, very good! Good luck.


Fennel and butcher's twine

I love fennel, and it is extremely good with any cut of pork. I use it raw in salads, as a cooked side dish on its own in a gratin or with potatoes, or roasted with carrots, onions and/or other veg. It's also a great addition to sausage and tomato sauces in either the fresh or seed form. Don't wimp out on your recipe for pork stuffed with fennel.

Butcher's twine is untreated (chemical free) biogradable cotton threads twisted together and used for tying meat. It's available in most US grocery stores, but I've never seen it in the UK for some odd reason. You can order it on the internet from UK sites. Google "how to tie meat" to find videos that will show you how to professionally tie your roast.

Good luck!

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