Cheesecake cracked on top

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Cheesecake cracked on top

Just made Delia's Baked Vanilla Cheesecake (for tonight!!), left it in the oven when finished cooking, still wobbly in middle as Delia said it should be, to enable it to continue cooking and set and it has two deep cracks right in the middle - help! What did I do wrong? Now got to think of something to cover the cracks with,

Lindsey, Food Editor

For Annie

Hello Annie,

You probably didn’t do anything wrong. It does happen sometimes. Perhaps the oven was slightly too hot.

If you want to present it whole I would chill it then whip some double or whipping cream until it just holds than spread a layer all over the top so it fills any cracks and has abut a 5mm layer of cream all over the top then serve the caramel sauce at the table in a jug.

If you are serving it portioned I would chill it then portion it and either pour the caramel sauce over before it goes to the table or if necessary a nice big blob of whipped cream (or creme fraiche) before the caramel.

Happy Christmas


sam from worthing

baked cheesecake cracked

i think its perfectly normal for a baked one to crack.

funnily enough, i made one this morning for tomorrow (mine has slight cracking on the narrow edges) - not a delia one though, my topping is kirsch soaked cherries, i baked it in my LeC terrine dish, so its nice for slicing - well thats the theory anyway.

Essex Girl

Cracked Cheesecake

I'm never surprised when mine crack a bit on top either. Depending on the flavour of the cheesecake I sift some icing sugar over before serving, drizzle sauce, decorate with fruit (raspberries are lovely with chocolate or NY cheesecake)or slap some whipped cream on. Even if you just leave it, it'll taste much nicer than an unbaked cheesecake!



to everyone who has replied. I suppose I realised I had to cover it with something. Spookily, as it is Christmas Eve, the crack is an almost perfect star shape. Isn't that lovely - perhaps leave it alone after all!!

Merry Christmas to all you lovely people.


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