Marzipaning Icing The Christmas Cake

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Marzipaning Icing The Christmas Cake

This is my second year of making Delia’s Christmas cake. Last year’s was OK but by no means perfect.

As I haven’t had much experience in marzipaning and icing before I thought that this year I’d just marzipan and ice the top of the cake. I’ve seen some of Delia’s photos with just the top iced.

However when I was looking around the internet it seemed that one of the reasons for covering the whole of the cake was to help keep all that lovely moisture inside. So back to the drawing board – or rather the forum and you guys!

If I do just ice the top of the cake will it have a noticeable effect on the moisture retention and/or the life of the cake? If I am just icing the top of the cake is there anything I should do to the side of the cake.
Last year the cake lasted to near enough St. Patrick’s day.

As usual many thanks for your advice and help.

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