Chilli Con Carne/Salmon...

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Blondie Bill

Chilli Con Carne/Salmon...

I am having Chilli Con Carne on Christmas Eve but want to make it before the day. How long will it keep in the fridge? and for a change on Boxing Day we want to have fresh Salmon but I am unable to buy it on Christmas Eve,if I buy it on the Monday will it keep until the Thursday ? I'm guessing that it is to long.

Queen of Puds

Chilli & salmon.

Make the chilli & freeze it, save the fridge for the chilled stuff? Otherwise, I think it would be ok for a couple of days - just get it cool as soon after cooking as you can, cover & then chill.

Re the salmon, I would buy & freeze that too, or buy it frozen. Otherwise again, a couple of days would be ok, but I prefer not to keep stuff too long in the fridge over Christmas, because in our house, people are always cruising around looking for food & the teenagers have a habit of standing, gazing into the depths of the fridge with the door wide open, for minutes at a time, in an unusually hot house (heating turned up for the grandparents) while they debate what to take next.

Not good for keeping the temperature low ....!

sam from worthing


my chillie con carne can last for 3 days in the fridge and improves daily, if the elves don't get there first.

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