Stollen recipe is wrong - doesn't work!

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Stollen recipe is wrong - doesn't work!

I just tried the recipe for Stollen & it's just plain wrong.
It states that you use 350gm of flour in total.
300gm is mixed with the butter, yeast, fruit etc. 25gm is used on the kneading surface. What is the extra 25gm for?
The ingredients state that you use easy blend yeast but goes on to state that you mix the 'dried' yeast with some milk and sugar and

wait till it froths.
So, are you supposed to use Easy-blend/Fast-action/Rapid Rise/Instant Bread Machine yeast as the ingredients state or Dried/Active

dry/Regular/Granulated/ yeast as the method states?
On another page of the website there is a list of the 3 mains types of yeast & it clearly states: 'Powdered, easy-blend yeast: This kind is the easiest of all to use – no measuring out, no hand-hot water, no waiting for frothy heads'.
So I used easy-blend yeast.

The recipe states: 'Mix everything together either with your hands or with a wooden spoon – until the mixture is well blended and leaves

the side of the bowl cleanly.'
Unfortunately the dough is far too wet for it to clean the side of the bowl & far to wet to knead. It sticks to the surface and you

fingers. I tried adding the missing 25gms of flour to stiffen it up but that didn't work either. I persevered for 15 minutes without result.
Eventually I transferred the 'mess' into a stand mixer & let it knead for another 15 minutes then left it to rise

Well after a couple of hours it hadn't risen in the slightest so I binned it & wasted a whole pile of ingredients.

I was always impressed with Delia's recipes but now I'm not so sure.



What a shame for you.

Three observations. Was the yeast fresh - or stale?
I would always add easy-blend to the dry ingredients, but it should not make too much difference.
Was the liquid too hot - that will kill the yeast sure as eggs is eggs?
Kneading with a stand mixer should not exceed 5 minutes, but that shouldn't make too much difference. The presence of fruit in the dough will also inhibit the rise, so it does need time.
I would think your main problem is stale yeast.
Don't be put off. We all have failures even if we've been cooking for many years.

Lindsey, Food Editor

Stollen Recipe

Hello Rupert,

Thank you for your post.

We are so very sorry to see that you have had problems but also we are extremely grateful to you for highlighting it because it seems the online recipe was a combination of two versions of the recipe and therefore did contain errors.

The method has been corrected and we truly are very sorry.

Welshcookie’s observations are certainly all correct and even a wet sticky dough will rise well if the yeast is fresh (or in date when using dried) and the conditions are warm.

We have been working on a new version of the Stollen for future a cookery school which I know is of little use to you at the moment but I hope I can reassure you that our intentions are always to provide good recipes that work and help people to cook and this was simply a human error and not because Delia’s recipes were wrong.

With much gratitude



Wording on recipe changed

Thanks for your reply.
As I mentioned, I used Easy-blend/Fast-action/Rapid Rise/Instant Bread Machine yeast as stated in the Ingredients but not in the Method.
However, I notice today that the wording has been changed on the Method in the recipe.
Whereas it originally said:
'Warm the milk, first of all, till you can just still dip your little finger in it.
Then pour it into a glass jug, add 1 teaspoon of the sugar along with the dried yeast and leave it until it forms a frothy head of about 1 inch (2.5 cm)'.
It's now been changed to:
'Sprinkle in the easy-blend yeast and sugar and give it all a stir before making a well in the centre'.
So, this rather has little to do with whether the yeast was stale - it comes in sealed sachets & I baked a decent loaf with it an hour prior to attempting Stollen.
Anyhow, I'm glad you realized the wording on the recipe was incorrect & have now changed it.
The other problem was the over-moistness of the dough making it impossible to knead it 'until it was springy and elastic'.
Oh well, baking isn't an exact science.


Flour quantity

By the way, you should also change flour weight from 350gm to 325gm otherwise there remains the mysterious spare 25gms.

Lindsey, Food Editor


350g is correct, it’s 300g that goes in first, then 25g to knead once it has been mixed and the remaining 25g when it's knocked back.


25g flour

Ah yes, apologies. You changed that from the original too.
Thank you for you feedback.
I realize that errors can slip by unnoticed when you you have so many excellent recipes on the site to check & I'm impressed that you corrected things so rapidly.
I look forward to trying more of Delia's recipes in the future.

Best wishes for a happy Christmas.


Lindsey, Food Editor


Hello Rupert,

I didn’t change that bit actually. It’s as published in Delia’s Happy Christmas. I would be honest about it if I had. The error was the bit about adding the yeast to the milk when easy-blend just gets added in with the dry ingredients. The original Christmas book is dried yeast and milk mixed together. The two versions just got muddled.

Maybe using 25g less flour was why your dough was so sticky.

We wish you a Happy Christmas too.




I use this recipe every year and it does work however it needs a lot less cooking time than stated.

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