Dumpling advice

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Dumpling advice

I have a big pan of stew simmering on the stove (masses, enough to keep me going for days and to freeze some).

I would like to make a batch of dumplings (something I almost never have).

If I make them and cook them all now, what is the best way to re-heat them when I come back for more in the coming days? Microwave? In the oven? In a pan with some stew?

Also, do dumplings come out OK when they have been frozen and de-frosted?

Mmmmm dumplings! Can't wait!!!!

sam from worthing

Dumpling advice

Not something i have ever done. I would have liked to have read some replies to this, from peeps who have done what you are asking.

Personally i would just make small dumplets (bit bigger than walnuts) when you want to eat the next batch of stew, as they wont take long to cook if that size - 20-25 mins depending on whether you prefer crunchy top of not.

I would think that cooking and then freezing then re-heating would make dumplings have a consistency of rock cakes?

violet eyes


I like dumplings.
I agree with Sam, I think you would do better making them fresh each time you want them. They don't take many minutes to make and cooking them not much longer. You can either put them in with your stew or if you have the oven on then place on a baking tray and pop in hot oven for about 20mins and you will have crispy dumplings. Heaven on your plate.

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