Help! Have I ruined my mincemeat?

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Help! Have I ruined my mincemeat?

I just did something stupid (I should never cook when feeling ill as I always make a mistake!)

For no reason, I suddenly panicked I had not added the brandy to my mincemeat, so with still an hour a cook I took it out of the oven, stirred in the brandy, then put it back in the oven for its last hour. Of course, the minute I'd done it I remembered Delia's recipe says to let the mincemeat cook a full three hours and cool before adding the brandy.

Have I ruined my mincemeat? Will it go off? If I have ruined it, is there anything I can do to save it?

This is my first Christmas cooking for my family and I am panicking!



No you haven't ruined anything. You will have cooked off the alcohol,but not the flavour, so when the mincemeat is cool stir in some more brandy, but do not overpower it.
Mincemeat keeps for years, thanks to the sugar and fat. And a little added brandy.


mince meat

hahaha I remember my aunt, when I was a child, had a wedding cake cooking in the oven, when she screamed...........she had left the flour and spices out. She took the cake out. stirred the dry ingredients in. papered the tin againd and cooked it.

she insisted it was the best cake she ever made.

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