Christmas Morning Finger Food For All

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Christmas Morning Finger Food For All

Each Christmas morning the whole family arrive around to my house: the children run wild, the adults complain of how much Christmas cost them this year and I receive my pressies from the kiddies. Something which I assume happens all over the country.

In return I supply a selection of smallish Christmas nibbles for the hungry masses; so I want advice.

One of my fares will be mince pies. The mince itself is already made and jarred what I’m wondering is this, can I bake the pies now and freeze them until Christmas morning? If I can how?

Should I bake the pastry blind and freeze it without filling?
Or should I fill the case once baked and freeze all the little pies?
If I’m defrosting should I leave the pie case / pie out on Christmas eve?
Or just pop the whole lot under the oven on Christmas morning before everyone arrives?

Bites on the menu this year include
Sweet mince pies
Bite size sausage rolls
Bite size meringues dipped in chocolate
Millionaire shortbread bites
A few dips and an assortment of carrot sticks, celery stems, cauliflower florets
And of course the usual array of soft drinks, sweets, and Pringles

I jotted down the above not to show what I’m personally doing but in the hope that other members will share their Christmas morning or party bites ideas.

I love Christmas

Essex Girl

Christmas Morning Nibbles

I'm coming round to yours! If I were doing the mince pies I would prepare them from start to finish before freezing, defrost for a few hours and then warm them in the oven to refresh the pastry. I like to keep things simple, especially at Christmas.

violet eyes

Christmas party

I'll come as well, what time do you want us there?
I'll bring an apron so I can help you with the washing up :o)


Christmas Morning

Just the two of us this year (again), so plans will be small but I still enjoy baking for Christmas, so the usual Mince Pies, and Like EG I will make, bake and freeze then just take them out early in the morning and then warm in the oven to crisp up the pastry and heat them through. I make Sausage rolls with ready to roll puff pastry, but just recently found ready rolled (even better ! ) from Aldi and it was FANTASTIC rose like a dream and was beautiful so that's sorted, If you like to make your own pastry give a go to the recipe on my profile for Savoury Tricorns with a nice cheesy pastry, so easy to make and just a bit different, I also like to make Chines Chicken Samosas just for a change, those are simple too using leftover chicken/turkey if you like to make them for New Year, or Boxing Day.

Have a lovely time with your family. x


Christmas Morning Finger Food For All

Enticing, two lovely ladies for a Christmas present :) Maybe the girlfriend would have something to say!

Anyway I think you'd probably have to hop on an aeroplane - naw not worth it, but a happy Christmas anyway


violet eyes

Christmas morning

oh well it was worth a try.
Hope you have a lovely time and lot's of presents.

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