Uncooked Xmas Pudding - How long can it be kept for?

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Uncooked Xmas Pudding - How long can it be kept for?

A lovely friend gave a me a beautiful, large homemade Xmas pudding last December.

It is sealed in a plastic pudding basin with foil and string and has been stored at the back of a cool dark cupboard. I found it only today ... it smells divine and looks fine - but would it be safe to cook and eat it for this Xmas?

Her hand written instructions just say boil for 4 hours. I would ask her, but feel rather embarrassed ...!

Lindsey, Food Editor

for Kentbridey

Hello Kentbridey,

Ideally Christmas pudding is best eaten about 6 – 8 weeks after it is made. However as your pudding has been stored well and smells good I think it will be fine. It is definitely safe to eat. It would have already had its first steaming so it is cooked. 4 hours steaming on the day sounds quite a lot but perhaps it’s a very large pudding.

Best wishes


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