Christmas Day Starters

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sam from worthing

Christmas Day Starters

OK, so i know this is proper early to ask this.

But what do you make, serve, eat for starters on Christmas Day.

I am doing roast pork for main - with all the usual trimmings.

But am turning my minds eye for starters - and was looking to you lovely peeps for help and inspiration.

It must be a starter suitable for a gout sufferer.

And also any ideas for boxing day starter - when i shall be cooking a rolled turkey breast as the main.



Christmas Day Starter

Prawn cocktail ,small fig/Palma ham salad ,veg soup, pate and toast , smoked salmon ?

Ideas also could be used for Boxing day too .

Gravy Queen 1

Christmas Day starters

Ooh nooooo, nothing , no starters for us .

It's such a nice, large main meal we save ourselves for that and a bit of Christmas pud , couldn't spoil it with starters .

Chris in southam

Grazing things?

How about a few grazing things with drinks before you get to the table? Nice and easy and relaxed. e.g. Blinis, smoked salmon topped with cods roe(or caviar if you feel flush) and sour cream; prawns marinaded in lime and chilli - a couple on a cocktail stick; mini bruschetta with easy toppings; prawns in parma ham. Basically anything you can prepare in advance and people can eat with fingers

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