Gran's special cupcakes

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Gran's special cupcakes

My Gran who was born and raised in the county of Yorkshire was an amazing baker. Cakes and pastries. My favourite recipe was a pastry based sponge cupcake filled with strawberry jam. They were the size of ordinary cupcakes. I can remember she cooked the pastry first then popped in the jam and cupcake mix and baked further.I have tried time and again to duplicate it but can't seem to get it right! If anyone can offer some advice please help. My gran was born in the early 1900's.


Gran's Special Cupcakes

My Mum used to make a similar thing but a large one which she would slice.
Pastry base, covered with raspberry jam and then topped with an almond flavoured sponge, (bit like a Bakewell tart) all the family loved it, and I make it too.
So what I would say is just create a sponge mix, (flavour it, or not, to your taste) then just do as you would a mince pie putting the sponge on top of a smear of jam .

Perhaps you will let us know how you go on with it??

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