Flat Yorkshires!

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Flat Yorkshires!

I've been using a Delia recipe for Yorkshire puddings very successfully for a few years and now all of a sudden it's left me with crispy pancakes. What's happened? What am I suddenly doing wrong? Can anyone help?



Flat Yorkies

Nor sure, did you use plain flour ?
I always made Delia's (without fail), but after trying the Equal Measure method (Number of eggs then equal amounts of milk and flour to the eggs, and a good pinch of salt , white pepper and dry English Mustard) I wouldn't use any other method now....sorry Delia xx

oh ! and I use dripping to cook them in. In each muffin tin I would put about 1/4 tsp of dripping and about 1/2 inch of the batter mix for huge yorkies.

So using the base of 2 eggs it would give you around 9 yorkies/


Flat Yorkshires

I think you need to use at least 4 eggs, plain flour, half milk and water. You really cannot fail if you increase the egg quantity! I use beef dripping and a very hot oven with no problems.

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