2 Christmas Cakes in oven at same time?

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2 Christmas Cakes in oven at same time?

Hi all,

Sorry I'm new to this and have posted this elsewhere too.

I am making 6 of Delia's Classic Christmas Cakes for presents. I was wondering if you could put 2 in the oven at the same time if they fit on the same shelf? And if so, how would this affect the cooking time?

Thanks for any advice.

Katrina B

More than one cake in the oven

I found that this didn't work for me. I put two square cakes into the oven at the same time, and despite the fact that they were both cooked at the same time, the one at the back of the cooker on the same rack cooked too quickly and burned along the edge nearer the fan! I had to cut it all away and use it as as a family packup cake for lunches and make another one! I won't do that again. It may be that the cakes are cooking at a much longer time and perhaps the circulation of air is not as good as a cake that is cooked at a higher heat but much shorter a time. Perhaps a physicist could help! Ah well, we all live and learn!


" Christmas cakes

Was there a reason you put one in front of the other rather than side by side or on different shelves? And either turned them half way through or swapped them around?

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