A 'so-so' coffee cake

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A 'so-so' coffee cake

Can anyone offer advice on making coffee cake.

I made one today using a Gordon Ramsay recipe and it stated to use: 4tbsp cooled espresso or strong coffee.

I made mine using a one cup espresso coffee maker, the kind that you place on direct heat and it forces the water up through tightly packed coffee.

When the cake was baked it turned out perfectly - except I couldn't taste any coffee!

Can anyone advise me how best to make a strong coffee for use in baking the likes of coffee cake

As always many thanks for you advice


Noreen, Board Moderator

Coffee cake

Have you tried this? It's fab, I have made it quite a few times now.



A good strong coffee taste

I have in the past and yes great cake.

I notice Delia is using 1 rounded teaspoon instant espresso coffee powder.

It's getting a good STRONG taste of coffee that I'm tyrying to achieve. A rounded teason of instant espresso doesn't seem that strong.

In my original recipe I added 20grams real coffee powder in a 120 mls coffee pot brewed it and then took 4 tablespoons from it.

I'm thinking that next time round I'll just have to make the coffee in a small pan and let it simmer for a while. But as I said in my OP it's getting a good strong coffee taste that is my main problem.


Coffee Cake

I'm sure you can make the coffee as strong as you like, I like Carte Noir and double up the amount of coffee using the same volume of water as the recipe states.....all a matter of taste, and if it has coffee icing too double the amount of coffee in that too.

Country Baker

Have you tried camp coffee?

I make a really nice coffee cake using camp coffee, the type in a tall glass bottle. It works brilliantly and gives a superb flavour.


How do you make your coffee

I suppose I should have asked what strength do you make your coffee, ie what are your proportions

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