Mini Christmas puddings

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Chris in southam

Mini Christmas puddings

I have a well used delicious Christmas pud recipe but want to make mini puddings using it. Does anyone know how to convert cooking times please


Christmas puddings.

In my kitchen they would be cooked for the same time .
I make 6at a time , all different sizes , but they all get cooked for the same time.
I may be wrong but I believe that whilst you can undercook your Christmas pudding , you can't overcook.

The last batch I made had 3 small , one medium & one large , but all were cooked in one pan for 6 to 7 hours .
They all came out perfect.

sam from worthing

Mini christmas puds

delia never fails does she.

word of advice.... do double line the bottom of your bowl with greaseproof paper/parchment as they do have a habit of sticking to the bottom of the silverwood bowls delia recommends - no matter how well you grease them.

I make a batch of these most years and keep in the freezer - have been known to have these in july!

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