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Wanting to make truffle torte but can't get liquid glucose anywhere, what should I use as a substitute?! Thanks.

Lindsey, Food Editor

For Jk

Hello Jk,

Waitrose have it and I have seen this brand in other supermarkets too.


One of our online members, SonyaK, makes her own from a recipe posted by another member called Yummy, but I haven’t tried it myself. This is what SonyaK posted....

'For anyone who can't obtain the Glucose Syrup for the above dessert use:-
5 TBSP of water
5 TBSP of Caster Sugar
Microwave on medium until the sugar dissolves allow to cool slightly then use as Glucose Syrup, the results are just the same and will keep in a small bottle if you don't use it all, but to be honest it is so simple there is really no need to keep it, just make fresh each time you need it'

Best wishes




Many thanks Lindsay will go with your advice, will try waitrose or make your recipe!!



All the best!

sam from worthing

Liquid Glucose

you can find it in most of the supermarkets, tesco sainsburys, asda and morrisons - probably the bigger versions rather that the "metro" style stores.

In the baking section - where they sell raisins sultanas and ready made icing and marzipan and the dr oetkar stuff - its normally on the top shelf - in a tiny bottle same size as the food colouring - its a clear liquid.

alternatively you can also get it in chemists.

lasts for years too. o only use it for my royal icing at christmas.

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