Home made microwave meals

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Home made microwave meals

My Dad has recently got to the stage of life that means he needs some support. The official way forward is to buy prepared chilled or frozen meals for him to cook in the microwave. I am not comfortable with this and wondered if anyone could recommend any meals I could make and freeze for him to cook in the microwave.

Lindsey, Food Editor

Microwave Meals


I have prepared the following recipes that can be frozen, then defrosted and heated in a microwave. Braised dishes work really well.





If your Dad doesn’t mind not having a crusty top I have also done shepherds pies and cottage pies, which I sometimes top with mashed cauliflower or swede and carrots instead of potato to ring the changes and it’s a way of adding another vegetable that doesn’t need to be cooked separately.


Best wishes


sam from worthing

Home made microwave meals

I have been in a similar position to you.

I have made many various foods for reheating.

But they are all almost done for oven reheating - but there is no problem with putting in microwavable containers with lids, remove lid/or half on half off during cooking. you can get those containers from most supermarkets - but it depends on how many meals you are planning on making and whether you will get the containers back - and they will only last a few blasts in the microwave before becoming a bit warped - maybe 10 times - somewhere like amazon or fleabay or if you have a chinese supermarket nearby - you can buy by the 100 - but they are only that oblong shape.

have a look on wiltshire farm food web site for an idea on meals they do - then make your own.

you can do cottage/shepherds pies fish pies chicken pies - with root veggie toppings pastry does not work in the microwave. you can do curries and rice, chilli con carne and rice or with half a jacket spud. mini roast dinners, with a couple of slices of beef/lamb, or a chicken breast. lasagna's/spaghetti bologannaise. lamb shanks (remove from the bone though), stews casseroles. the list is endless when you get to making the meals - its the thought that is bewildering.

good luck xx

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