Pain de mie pans - can't figure out what they hold?

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Pain de mie pans - can't figure out what they hold?

Need some advice and where better to come to than Delia?

Bought 2 Pullman pans the other day from Amazon UK (20x 11x 10 cm) but can't figure out what size of a loaf that would make.

I'm working from the following recipe by Richard Bertinet:

10g unsalted butter
20g fresh yeast
500g strong white bread flour
10g salt
50g full fat milk
300ml water (as some of you may know Bertinet opts for high hydration bread)
a little butter for greasing

According to the recipe that should be sufficent for 2 x 500g (20-22cm long) but the loaves don't reach anywhere near the top of the tin.

I don't know how to do the calculations so can anyone tell me what quantities I would need for these 2 loaf pans, or indeed for a single pan.

As always many thanks for your help.



Bread pans

What's the bread itself like? If you're not happy with the bread then the usual suspects are yeast, flour, water, cooking.... ;) Could be any of those, but yeast and flour are crucial. I use strong Canadian.


Pain de mie pans - can't figure out what they hold?

It's not the actual bread that concerns me, it is quite a good bread, its what kind of a loaf this particular tin is designed for 1lb, 1.5lb or 2lb?

As I said above the author writes this is sufficent for 2 x 500g loaves but my loaves don't rise sufficently to reach the top of the tin. I'm quite sure of my material flour, yeast etc.

So anyone?


bread tins

Try making up one and a half times the dough mixture and dividing it between the 2 tins. If the dough rises to the tops of the tins it should be Ok.

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