apple tarts always leak!!

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sieve 3 times

apple tarts always leak!!

Despite sieving cornflour over base of tart and over apple slices, they constantly leak. Can anyone come up with a solution?? Thank you.


Apple tart

I usually put apple slices in the microwave to wilt them a bit before I put them in the pie dish. That way you get more in. I chicken out of doing a double crust for apple pies, just a top, as apples do produce a lot of juice.
Can't say I add cornflour or have leaky pies though.

Sal C

apple tart

You could try using a little less sugar and cook your tart at a higher temp (gas 7/220C) and this might prevent the leakage as it should cook quicker.


Apple tarts

What apples are you using Sieve? Dessert apples are more juicy than cooking apples. In preference use Bramley is my advice. I never use cornflour in my apple pies. Less sugar and perhaps a couple of knobs of butter, not forgetting the cloves if you like them.

As has already been said, you want the oven on fairly high for the pastry and make sure you slice the apple thinly.

Good luck.

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