Home made Pectin Syrup

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Home made Pectin Syrup

I usually use a branded name liquid pectin to set my Red Pepper Jelly, but this is quite expensive I think. As the yeald of jelly is not a great amount I am looking for ways to cut the expense.
Can I make this syrup myself?


Pectin syrup

Yes, pectin stock is prepared from apple, redcurrant or gooseberry juice.
Prepare the fruit and cook as for jelly. Strain the pulp and use the juice as pectin stock.
50 - 100ml of pectin stock should be added for every 450g of fruit.

You call it 'pectin syrup' but no sugar is added to it, it is pure pectin rich juice.

The pectin stock can be preserved by bottling as you would fruit.

For full information refer to Home Preservation of Fruit and Vegetables where it is clearly explained.

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