Jars for homemade nut butter

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Jars for homemade nut butter

I make my own nut butters for us at home. Recently friends have asked me to sell it. How do I go about bottling/jarring to sell it at local markets. Any suggestions would be really helpful.

sam from worthing

jars for home made butter

firstly, i would suggest you contact the local council - or the council that runs the farmers markets etc that you are thinking of selling from.

local council websites have a wealth of knowledge and do's and dont's regarding home preserved produce.

Also visit one of your local markets - and ask stall holders/deli type shop/butchers/bakers etc, they are more than happy to explain health and safety stuff and rules and reg's etc - unless you approach someone selling the items you would be planning on making and selling - they may sell your stuff on your behalf - for a percentage.

But, as to where to get your jars from - ebay, would be your cheapest option for bulk buying to get you started then you maybe able to apply for a booker/macro card (food wholesaler).

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