Serving whole seabass

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Serving whole seabass

I love serving seabass chinese style with ginger and spring onions but have so far only used fillets. I'd love to use a whole seabass like they do in the restaurants but i don't know how to deal with it at the table. In the restaurant on service they remove the skin and bone and then "reassemble it" so you can help yourself to a portion. Has anyone come across a guide to doing this either on line or in a book? Many thanks


Sea bass

I always prefer whole fish to be on the bone.

It is very easy to 'carve' it.

This is one method. Make a line with your knife down the side of the fish and slide one fillet of the fish off the bones onto the plate and eat. Repeat with the second fillet.

You will then have a bare set of bones on top of the next fillets. Lift it off and discard. Eat the remaining fish.

With practice you should be able to eat the fish without getting any bones in your helping.

It is the same method for sole and plaice, trout and when serving whole salmon.

When eating whole kippers it is easy to remove most of the bones by lifting off the spine in one piece.

Practice makes perfect; lots of lovely fish!

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