Home-made mince meat

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Home-made mince meat


Just wondering how early you should make you mincemeat for Christmas in preparation for mince pies?



You can make it whenever you wish. It keeps for over a year so four months are not a problem.


Home made mincemeat

Hiya, I make several pots of mincemeat around October-November with plenty of alcohol. Delia's recipe is superb - I've been using it for about 30 years. I have tried other recipes but generally return to this one although I do sometimes add extra bits and pieces. If I haven't used it or given some to mum, it would last until I make the next batch the following October.


I think Mincemeat, like chutney, improves with age. I made a big batch a few months ago using whiskey and will make some more soon with brandy. And a few added bits and bobs. My husband is a mincepie-head so I can't make too many :)
I haven't looked back since using Delia Smith's recipe, in the past it has fermented or gone mouldy.

sam from worthing

Home made mince meat

another advocate for delias version.


i shall be making my batch next weekend.

lasts for ages (in fact i used a jar that my mum made 2 years prior - last year - as we had moved and i hadn't made anything like that in 2012).

Just keep the jars, in a cool dark cupboard - i normally leave my christmas preserves, cakes and puddings in a drawer in my spare bedroom.

So now would be perfectly acceptable to make it - and you can feel very smug and virtuous that you already have christmas 2013 under way.


Home Made Mincemeat

I agree with all the above, especially Sam, I had some for 2 yrs and it was delicious, all the better for keeping.......what are you waiting for....go get the oven on :)

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