Terrine of summer fruits

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Terrine of summer fruits

Hi - I have made this before and used a dry rose. I found it a bit tasteles and although i dont like things too sweet i felt more sugar would have done justice to this dish. This time i am using a seetish more perfumed rose- but am not sure whether to add the extra sugar or not - any ideas???



The only thing I can suggest is you taste it as you go along.


Terrine of summer fruits

Not sure which recipe you're using, but I do one that I add Cassis liqueur to and that sweetens it.

H x


Summer Layer Pudding

This is another one that has red wine or port in it... not as sweet.

Summer Layer Pudding - Serves 4

This is a recipe taken off the back of a packet of frozen Summer Fruits and it is sooooooo incredibly easy. Though the recipe doesn't say so, I have a feeling that I line a 1 lb. loaf tin with cling film and then layer the fruit and bread.


500g pack frozen Summer Fruit Mix defrosted.
6 tablespoon (6 x 15 ml) red wine or port.
4 slices white bread crusts removed and cut into triangles.
1/2 pint (300 ml) Blackcurrant Jelly.
Single Cream to serve.


1. Mix the summer fruit with the wine. Place a third of the summer fruit mix in the base of a serving dish.
2. Cover with two of the slices of bread.
3. Add another third of summer fruit. Top with remaining bread and finish with a layer of the remaining fruit.
4. Pour over the made up jelly and leave to set.

Serve with the cream.

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