Food Banks

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Food Banks

I've noticed a real increase in the number of folk around who clearly can't manage. There are a few foodbanks around and I wondered which foods with a long life would be best nutritionally? I don't know if they get a choice of several tins - e.g. peaches and tinned cream or whether it's a lucky dip.

Seems a good idea since 100% of the money goes to the needy without paying £100,000 + for a charity CEO and all the staff!

sam from worthing

food banks

once a month food bank collectors are outside our major supermarkets around here, the go to tesco one week, sainsburys the next, asda the next and morrisons the next.

The people who run the food bank - give you a slip of paper - with food items, needed/required.

They included long life milk, cereals, tea bags, tins of beans, soups, tinned meat/fish, tin tom's.

nothing very nutritious - in our minds eye, but when you are in desperate need of a food bank, these items are essential.


Food banks

Tom, in the main the food banks are run by a charity. Often it is the Trussel Trust.

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