Gluten and Dairy Free

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Gluten and Dairy Free

Help! Recently diagnosed with Gluten and dairy intolerence I cannot find cake recipes that don't use butter or wheat flour. Mostly its an either /or situation and I can't eat both. I've looked at Delia's recipes and can't find anything. Anyone out there with any ideas.



hope I can help

Hello - my son is allergic to dairy and my husband is coeliac . . . so selfish of them!!!
I've found the dairy thing much easier to deal with. I use a spread called 'Pure' for cooking with and cakes seem to be fine. I also use the alpro range for adding milk and cream and so far so good!
There's a book called "Red Velvet and Chocolate Heartache" by Harry Eastwood which I've just bought. It has lots of recipes which don't use gluten or dairy. I haven't tried them yet but they look very nice.


Gluten free

There are a couple of gluten free cakes on this thread.

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