beetroot pickling

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claire horsefield

beetroot pickling

Our allotment is yielding lots of beetroot and although I have roasted it, boiled it, made it into salad and pickled it using Delia's red wine vinegar and shallot recipe, I wonder if anyone knows of a milder, less vinegary method of pickling it?


Sweet beetroot

I like sweet beetroot , so this is how I do mine.

I use 4 ozs of brown sugar to 1 pt of vinegar.
Put vinegar & sugar in a pan , allow the sugar to dissolve then bring to the boil.
I pour the boiling vinegar on the jarred beetroot , making sure that the jars are hot.
The beetroot can be eaten almost as soon as it has cooled as it takes on the vinegar very fast.
When I have a glut of honey I use that in the vinegar instead of sugar.

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