Chutney making

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Chutney making

My recipe called for garlic and onions but the chutney seems tainted by one of these ingredients that does not seem to have cooked out. Any ideas to correct would be appreciated.

sam from worthing

chutney making.

whenever i make a chutney/pickle, I always "sweat" the vegetables over a gentle heat for 10 mins till onions go soft and translucent, before adding any liquid - same process for any spices in your chutney, they need to be cooked out before adding your liquid.

not sure that you can really remedy this (anastasia is our resident chutney expert) except to maybe keep it in the pan on a low heat for a further 15-20 mins.

I have also found that one batch of chutney is never the same as the first time. could be due to over ripeness of fruit/vegetables, even down to the temperature of your kitchen and how hot it is outside.


Silicone baking trays

OK, I give up! How the heck do you get these trays into the oven and then out again without tipping the cakes on them all over the place, eh?

sam from worthing

chutney making/silicone baking trays

i think thistle posted in the wrong post, lol.

not a fan of silicone baking whatnots myself, they always seem to go wobbly, in my experience.



Onion & garlic usually will cook down & blend in when you make a chutney.
Garlic need to be ripe , not green , & onions need to be chopped very small.
I never precook any of these ingredients , but I do add garlic that has been either chopped very fine , or put through my Lakeland press.
Large pieces of Garlic will stay the same shape , they do not cook down.
If you do not have a garlic press then flatten the clove with the back of your knife , & chop until it looks like mush.
If the garlic is not chopped then you will taste it .
Also I tend to put most chutneys away for 3 months , that gives time for all the flavours to blend, it then becomes sweeter ,loosing the vinegar or garlic taste .

The biggest mistake with chutney is not allowing time for it to mature.
I opened a jar last week that was made in Dec 2011, it was so delicious , sweet , & tasty .


For Sam

Hi Sam.
The best way to add spices to chutney is not to cook them before you add the ingredients , use a piece of muslin , put all your spices in that , then tie with a piece of string to the side of your pan making sure the spice bag is immersed in the vinegar.
Just remove at the end , squeeze to get all the flavour out.
I reuse my piece of muslin time & time again
I made some little muslin bags years ago , they last so long .

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